This calendar commemorates holy people who have been associated with the Diocese of Ely. Some were born in the diocese, some lived in the diocese, some made a place in the diocese the centre of their work, some studied or taught at the University of Cambridge in the diocese, some are the patron saint of a parish in the diocese. In all cases the modern boundary of the diocese is used.

The calendar includes both people who are already commemorated in the Common Worship calendar of the Church of England, and also a number of other people. New material is provided for all the local additions. Some dates which appear in the Common Worship calendar as commemorations are classed here as lesser festivals, and are accordingly provided with a full set of proper material. One lesser festival (Etheldreda) is classed as a festival. Where appropriate material already exists in Exciting Holiness, the companion to the calendar, that material is not duplicated here, although an exception has been made by including the material for Charles Simeon, without whom an Ely diocesan calendar would be incomplete.

Singing the Song is intended to remind us that holiness and service to God and the world are both here and now, and as an aid to worship and for the greater glory of God.

Simon Kershaw
23 June 1999
The Festival of Saint Etheldreda

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