Foundation of the Diocese of Ely, 1109
17 October

At a Council in London, held at Whitsun 1108, it was decreed that because of the size of the diocese of Lincoln, the county of Cambridge should be constituted a new diocese of Ely, with Hervey the Breton (or Hervé le Breton), previously bishop of Bangor, as first bishop. Hervey went to Rome to obtain papal recognition and on his return was put in possession of the bishopric on 27 June 1109. On 17 October 1109, the feast of the Translation of St Etheldreda and the other Ely saints, at Council held at Nottingham, a charter of foundation was given by Henry I and witnessed among many others by Hervey as first bishop.


Almighty God,
the light of the faithful and shepherd of souls,
who set bishops over your Church
to feed your sheep by the word of Christ
and to guide them by good example:
as we give thanks for the life and witness
   of the Church in this diocese,
we pray for grace to keep the faith of the Church
and to follow in the footsteps
   of your Son Jesus Christ our Lord.
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


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